Mirko is a young and talented classical guitarist from Italy. At the age of 9, he discovered the classical guitar, marking the beginning of his musical journey. With passion and dedication, he devoted himself to his studies and felt the need for academic training, enrolling at the O.Respighi Conservatory in Latina and later at the L.Refice Conservatory in Frosinone.


During his years of study, Mirko achieved exceptional results, graduating with top honors and praise in both guitar and chamber music. Simultaneously, he had the opportunity to participate in stimulating masterclasses with renowned international professor.

Through sacrifices and unwavering dedication, Mirko won a scholarship for the "Working with Music" project, allowing him to intern as a guitar and chamber music teacher at the prestigious Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. His passion for teaching continued to grow, and he now shares his musical knowledge by teaching at the "Scherzo" music academy in Estella, the city where he currently resides.


Furthermore, Mirko has had the opportunity to collaborate with various musicians in different chamber formations and as a session musician. He has been a member of the "E-cetra" guitar ensemble at the L.Refice Conservatory in Frosinone, part of the TrioDimensional, and forms the "duo Z" alongside his brother, M° G. Zanotti. Their talent has earned them recognition and acclaim on various occasions, including television appearances and prestigious rankings in the Lazio Sound competition.

Beyond his performances, Mirko is a passionate classical guitar teacher, having gained significant experience teaching in different schools and music academies. With love and competence, he strives to help young talents achieve their musical goals through the guitar.


Through constant commitment and dedication to his instrument, Mirko has garnered recognition in several competitions, receiving significant accolades. However, his humility and love for music remain at the core of his artistic journey. His main objective is to share the beauty of the classical guitar with the world and inspire others to discover the universal power of music.

My onlyne students

Some students reviews

Georgina from Mexico: 

I'm student of the Rome's Conservatory of music and I have been looking for a patience and excelent teacher, who can help me to prepare a difficult exam that I have to do at July of this year. Mr. Zanotti is in any moment very accurated on his explanations and also speaks to me in Spanish, my native language. I reccomend the lessons of Mr. Zanotti absolutely!!!

Matthias from Germany:

My review is based on two 60 minute online lessons but also on communication outside of the lessons. Mirko comes across as a genuinely nice guy. When messaged, he responds quickly. Last night I had a small question regarding a piece from our lesson, that I wished would be answered prior to our next meeting and he answered in a very timely fashion and to full satisfaction. If you're someone who wants to build a solid foundation, then I think that you don't need to look any further. Like a concrete slab floor that needs hardening prior to further construction, he doesn't rush through material but makes sure that you're ready before the next stage. As I was not a total beginner, Mirko would start at the lowest or near the lowest entry point after I showed him a range of the things that I was familiar with. So a good starting point for me was a simple I-M rest stroke alternation exercise on the first string and he gradually increased the difficulty. He also introduced me to a short piece that I haven't heard before and right now I can play 40% of it and the plan is to play it fully by the next lesson which is a very realistic goal. When it comes to conveying techniques it would be too early to make a comment because as I already had acquired a reasonably good technique, we didn't focus much on it (yet). I will conclude by saying that if you're someone who doesn't like structure and only wants a taste of everything that a guitar has to offer but not really fully digest anything that is presented in front of you, then skip this teacher. I ,for one, am happy that I found Mirko.

Gourav from India:

He's very cheerful and patient teacher. He also helped me to correct my technique and he helps me to learn my favourite songs!

Tula from U.S.A:

Mirko was excelent working with my daughter. He came prepared and dived right into the theory and guitar lesson. He was clear and patient, and He got to know my daughter's level right and what kinds of excercises would be particularly helpful to help her. My daughter called the lesson "fascinating" and was excited to have met Mirko. Thank you!!

Marios from Greece:

Mirko is the best teacher in Lessonface! He is a very good person and very professional at his work. He is an excellent musician who can help you reach a higher level in music, and more specifically in classical guitar.

During the lesson, He was able to quickly identify areas where I needed improvement and He was able to provide clear and concise instructions on how to improve my skylls. I was particularly impressed also with his ability to beak down complex musical concepts into manageable parts, making it easy for me to understand and apply. Overall, I would highly recommend Mirko to anyone looking to improve their musical skills.

Matt from Germany:

Mirko is a very patient and helpful teacher.
Individual weaknesses are quickly identified and it is explained how to work on them and what advantages this offers in the future. Since it is also addressed what already works better, you know exactly how you can use the practice time more purposefully, if you want to make progress. The level of difficulty is adjusted step by step. Mirko also addresses the difficulties that arise and builds in additional small detail exercises as assistance, in order to get the actual tasks better afterwards. I clearly notice that Mirko has an honest interest in helping you to move forward.
It is also unproblematic to ask several times and you always get a nice and helpful answer. The teaching atmosphere always remains friendly, even if it takes a little bit longer to understand something.